Who are we?

Beleaf Juice Bars was founded in 2001 and was one of the first commercial juice and smoothie bar chains in the UK and Ireland. With nearly 20 years' experience in the juicing industry, we have established 10 bars across the UK and Northern Ireland, 3 in Ireland, 2 in China and 1 in Germany. And we are still continuing to grow!

What makes us unique?

Not all juice bars are created equal. Whilst many in the market use stuff from a  bottle, Beleaf prides itself on offering only freshly squeezed fruit and vegetables in all of our drinks. We believe in the power of positive drinking, and that what you put into your body determines what you get back out!

That is why you won't find any concentrates, artificial colours or flavours, or added sugars in our juices and smoothies. We use a bespoke frozen yoghurt, perfected over the past 20 years, which is low in fat and sugar, meaning the flavour of our well­ loved smoothies only comes from the natural sweetness of the fruit we blend it with!

Our yoghurt contains 50% less sugar than commercial frozen yoghurts typically used by our competitors. All of Beleafs drinks are made to order right in front of the customer. Not days, weeks or months previously. That's how folks know they are getting a fresh and honest drink every time.

All of our beverages can be supplemented with a great choice of boosts including whey protein, matcha, ginseng, guarana, probiotic and fibre. We even have non­ dairy protein and yoghurt alternatives for our vegan and lactose intolerant customers. We never like to leave anyone out!

We are also not afraid to branch out and try new things, what with the recent introduction of our hugely popular Bubble Tea range and our extensive offering of exotic fruits like sugarcane juice, jackfruit, guava, acai, acerola, dragonfruit, papaya and passionfruit. This list is not exhaustive as we are continually striving to give our customers a varied pantry to choose from and encourage them to be as adventurous as we are!