Over 1800 free parking spaces available

Rushmere shopping centre and retail park has over 1800 Free carparking spaces as well as designated parent and baby Spaces. There are also a number of spaces located close to the entrances for blue badge holders. Carparking spaces are situated in the main carpark of the retail park and shopping centre as well as covered underground Carparking which leads directly to the Shopping centre.

Parking Management Company at Rushmere

We continually poll our customers for feedback on that experience, and, overwhelmingly, they have told us that being able to park quickly, safely and in an appropriate parking bay are their top priorities when coming to shop with us.

Many customers have repeatedly told us of their concern at individuals who have abused designated disabled parking bays and parent and toddler bays, or of cars which have parked on double yellow lines, on the kerb or on footpaths, and of drivers who have parked across two spaces.

Earlier this year, we were also approached by Diane Dodds MEP who too expressed concerns about the problem of individuals who abuse disabled car parking bays.

In recognition of these issues, and to help us to improve our customers' experience, Rushmere Shopping Centre has appointed a dedicated, professional car parking management company to help ensure that these are not recurring problems and that every driver who visits can park quickly, safely and, ideally, in a designated disabled or parent and toddler bay with ease.

To ensure that all our customers had plenty of notice of the new enforcement arrangements and conditions, we have installed 127 new signs on 18th July 2013 - a full month before the new rules were due to come into force.

In a further effort to ensure that customers were properly informed, attendants were also available in the car park from 5th August to directly advise customers who had any queries or concerns. Attendants also issued warnings - but no fines - to a number of customers who had parked appropriately.

We are also keen to point out that unlike many shopping centres across the UK and Ireland, we do not levy any car parking charges - it remains free for everyone at all times.

However, as this is an entirely new system, naturally, we fully accept that it will take time for customers to get used to the new rules and to start seeing the benefits which they bring for everyone, particularly those with special requirements.

In the meantime, I would urge customers to take their time and observe the new parking rules and to contact us if they have any queries.